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“In our industry, there are few photographers that stand out, that have produced authentic style and originality, showcased within their work behind the lenses. The playing field of photography only seems to be more uneven with the use of these things in our pockets, that can take pictures at the blink of an eye at any given moment, and at an unbelievable quality. Snap the pic, post, keep scrolling. Sifting through all the saturated content that gets produced today, Stephan sticks out with that elite group of action sports photographers who are carving their own path through our industry to bring back the life in the photo.


Stephan’s curiosity and interest for snowboarding and photography started at a young age and blossomed into a passion-driven force through years of education and experience in the field. Stephan has conquered his own trials and tribulations to follow his dreams and aspires to keep the photo alive. He has been a great work colleague, a solid human to all, a mentor to some and an exceptional friend to everyone. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but most of the photos tend to render my mind to one.. ‘Sick’.” –Tanner Burch

photo: Peter Limberg


Who Am I

I am a Minnesota based photographer, with a BFA in Photography. Through years of practice, I have developed a unique and creative style that has garnered recognition and appreciation in various arenas, including my time at The House, where I served as a senior staff photographer and social media manager.

My portfolio is diverse and showcases a collection of photographs that have been featured in multiple publications. I am proud to have worked with high-profile brands and athletes within the action sports community, and I am continually seeking new opportunities to expand my expertise and explore new creative challenges.

As a photographer, I am always striving to tell a compelling story through my work. My passion for photography drives me to push the limits and capture moments that truly capture the essence of my subjects. I am a creative problem solver, and I enjoy the challenge of finding unique solutions to tell a story through a photograph.

Overall, my dedication and passion for photography have allowed me to create a wide range of photographs throughout the actions sports community. If you are looking for someone to help tell your story please reach out.


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